Freeride Program August Newsletter

The summer is flying by and we are making the most of everyday.  Registration for the 2018/19 season is open and we are filling the last month of summer with camps and contests before dryland training begins.  Stay tuned for updates, but here's a peek at what happened in July and what to look forward to in the month ahead.  

July events

Independence Day Parade

We had a large turnout for the parade with bikers, skateboarders, stilt walkers and even a unicyclist.  It was a fun way to get the gang together and celebrate the recent Silver certification and 80th Anniversary of Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club!


Skate Camp 2

We had another full skate camp during the heat of the summer with Coaches Kevin Bradford and Rob LaPier.  After two days of visiting skateparks and swimming holes around the region everyone had  improved their skills while having lots of laughs and a bit of ice cream too.  

Mountain Bike Skills Camp

With a crew of nine eager bikers and two coaches we spent two full days practicing the skills that it takes to get us out on the trails.  From shifting and stopping to pedaling and pumping we covered all of the critical tools so that everyone could feel more confident on two wheels.  The first day of camp involved a town cruise with visits to the Wayne May, and Owen Bircher Parks, with a stop for creekside lunch at the Russ Garaman Park. The second day we headed over to the Victor Bike park to learn how to pump and corner in the Pumptrack and for a tour of the "Moose cross" cyclocross track.  A handful of the young riders caught some air on the sweet jumps too!   We managed to get in a short trail ride with everyone and made it back to Jackson with time for everyone's favorite afternoon ice cream stop.  A link to all the photos from camp can be found on the Freeride Program Facebook page here.

Upcoming events

Wild West Skateboard Contest Series

Mark your calendars for the upcoming showdown at the Wild West Skateboard Contest Series!  


Skate Camp 3: August 15-16

Our final skate camp of the summer is sold out with 13 young shredders and two coaches.  


Utah Olympic Park Camp 2:  August 28 - 30

It's hard to believe but the summer is nearing the end and our upcoming trip to the Utah Olympic Park will be the best chance for warm days on the airbag before school resumes.  We are hoping for a large turnout to this camp as the first was canceled due to limited enrollment.  This camp is an incredible asset to the athletes of our program as they are training at the same facility as the US Ski & Snowboard Team!  Not forgetting that learning tricks into the airbag is the safest way to progress ones skills from the trampoline to the snow.  
  • Early Registration Deadline August 14th - get enrolled without any late fees
  • 3 days at the Utah Olympic Park
    • Giant landing airbag with 2 takeoffs
    • Access to Water ramps
    • In ground Olympic flybed trampolines


Lastly, as you may have heard, Freeride Program Director, Rob LaPier had an accident while dirt biking in the mountains.  He will make a full recovery, but will be working from home in the weeks ahead.  Many thanks for your patience and understanding if his response time is a bit delayed.   


Kind regards,

-Rob LaPier