Wild West Skateboard Contest Series



It is with heavy hearts that we must postpone the 2020 Wild West Skateboard Contest Series until 2021.  This was a difficult decision to make and the JHSC Freeride program would like to encourage the community to stay active and working toward your goals at home or the Skatepark.  We would also like to engage our friends and families to consider a donation to the JH Skatepark Coalition as they are working diligently to fundraise for a skate park expansion & improvements this Fall and Spring of 2021.  


 Thai Me Up Restaurant ​  

Presented by: JHSC Freeride Program | Teton County/Jackson Parks & Rec | Claire Johnson


Daily Event Schedule (approximate):

  • 12:00 - 1:00 pm: Competitor check-in / day-of registration
  • 1:30 (approximately): Announcement of schedule, divisions, judging criteria, event details
  •  First competition starts immediately after announcements

 Wild West Skateboard Contest Series is an "all park contest"

  • No longer separate street & bowl competitions
  • competitors are encouraged to incorporate the entire park into their competition runs

Hoff's Bikesmith Presents - "Firing Line" Contest 

  • 2-3 select park features highlighted
  • two run format

Series Details:


  • ​9 & Under - Cowpokes
  • 10 - 12 - Buckaroos
  • 13 - 19 - Young guns
  • Open Class Females - Cowgirls 
  • Open Class Males- Outlaws


  •  Jam format contests.  Larger divisions will be broken into heats.
  •  Once a competitor moves up to Open Class, they may not go back to competing in their age group.
  •  MASSIVE Raffle at each event.
  •  DJs, food, sponsor booths, free high-fives
  •  Event Prizes:  

o   Outlaws (Open class): $150 check for 1st place, sponsor packages for 2nd & 3rd

o   All other divisions: sponsor packages for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Divisional Champions Prizes:

  • $200 for one Open Class Division Title: Highest combined points from best two results
  • $75  for all other Division Champions

Suggestions for spectators & competitors: 

  • sunscreen,
  • water bottle,
  • shade,
  • chair,
  • blanket
  • camera 
  • cowbell


Event Info

Points Breakdown:

  • NEW - all Divisions same point structure:
    • 1st = 350 points
    • 2nd = 300 points
    • 3rd = 250 points
  • Each competitor gets an extra 10 points for each person they beat in their specific division.
    • Example:  12 year old Johnny gets 1st place in Buckaroos division with 10 people.  He earns 350 points for 1st place plus 90 points for the nine people he beat for a total of 440 points.
  • FINALS only - Each competitor gets an extra 15 points for each person they beat in their specific division.

New - All divisions awarded Divisional Series Championship

  • Divisional Champion Criteria
    • Best two results (of three possible) are combined.

In the event of an Divisional Championship Tie, we will calculate the scores adding previously dropped (third) scores.

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