February 17th Grooming Report--A Few More Great Images!

February 17th Grooming Report

A Few More Great Images!

Many thanks to local professional photographer Sofia Jaramillo for taking some amazing photographs from last weekend’s junior national qualifier, she did a great job of capturing our skiers in action last weekend; look for a few more images to show up in the next monthly newsletter, enjoy!

Speaking of images, Coach Kathy and Lollipoppers had an amazing encounter yesterday, her report reads:

Interesting situation yesterday - 3 bulls by Sam [the truck], not a big deal, but air horns started going off by Moose Loop and Armin’s and suddenly those 3 became 8 then 12. As the woods came alive with moose! The air horns obviously had herded them toward us, but they all settled down in the woods again. There were just so many skiers out in that area yesterday, definitely wouldn’t have chosen to ski into a herd of moose, but it happens. Kids did great, played on Sam, moose started bedding down again; we practiced getting behind trees ‘just in case’ then skied in a line silently down to confusion corner.

Sounds like Coach Kathy and crew did a fantastic job of handling a special encounter.

Finally if the special encounter you are seeking today might include a Nordic ski, you’ll find plenty of that at Trail Creek.  The Husky was hard at it again today, covering pretty much every trail   Today’s pass through the woods focused more on skate skiing with classic tracks being retouched in the narrower sections.  The fields received multiple passes with both skate and double classic track grooming. 

As of report time, the wind has picked up a bit and the field classic tracks appear to be drifting.  Temps are moderate and there’s plenty of sunshine so the woods should offer plenty of options for a great Nordic ski.

Groomer’s choice for today is Shades of Gray