February 15th Grooming Report--Salute our Hosts!

February 15th Grooming Report

Salute our Hosts!

If you are lucky enough to make it out to Trail Creek today, you might notice some new trails in the Moose Loop/Armin’s area.  If you are an old timer, you will probably guess that one of our major hosts, the Siefferts, are coming for a vacation and that these trails have been groomed to allow them to snowmobile into their cabin.  The green A frame cabin as well as the land under Moose Loop and Armin’s all belong to the Sieffert family.  If you happen to see them on one of your skis, give them a friendly wave as a way of saying thanks for the use of their land that hosts some of our best ski trails.

Those trails along with pretty much every other trail in our extensive network received fresh Husky grooming today.  While it is trying to snow, so far it has only amounted to about a half inch.  However, combining that fresh half inch with the warm temperatures has allowed our groomer to do a quite nice job today. 

While Homesite received multiple passes, most woods trails had a single pass with about 30% receiving fresh classic tracks along the way.  The classic tracks in the East Fields with the fresh dusting are skiing well and the Close Field received multiple passes with fresh classic tracks.  All in all skiing is very nice today.

Groomer’s choice for today is Homesite.