December Freeride Newsletter

Alpenhof Firewood Team Building

We had a full crew and two trucks to support of yearly firewood stacking efforts at the Alpenhof.  This small token of our appreciation helps to reinforce the JHSC Core Values of Teamwork, Commitment, and Sportsmanship.  We are so grateful for all of the athletes, coaches, and parents who supported this effort.  

Dryland recap

After eight weeks of afterschool activity, we ended the Strength & conditioning component of the Freeride Program.  It should be noted that we still encourage athletes to eat healthy, stay hydrated, stretch, get good rest and maintain their fitness throughout the winter season ahead.  

Goal Meetings

Nearly all of the Snowboard Team and most of the Freeski Athletes made time to schedule a sit down with parent, athlete & coach to chat about the goals and plans for the season ahead.  This was a great way to understand each other and build a relationship that supports each athlete to the fullest extent.  

JHSC Alpenhof Apres Coach & Parent Mixer

Although there was a small turnout for this event, we still managed to kick off the season right with a new an improved Alpenhof Partnership.  We are looking to another opportunity to host another Apres Mixer gathering in the near future, but the Hof is open for your personal Apres needs and has a full selection of 'recovery beverages' and tasty treats.  Stay tuned for details on the next organized gathering.  

First weekend on snow

After a lot of concern around the famed "strip of death," we were surprised and thankful that the Teton Lift was opened for our training on Saturday and Sunday.  This opened up 3,000+ vertical feet for the athletes to warm up and find their shred legs.  The Progression & Progression Plus Teams enjoyed a quiet(er) Team Room and the first weekend on snow.