Clinics and Touring Days

We are excited to again offer guided backcountry skiing days, recreational avalanche level 1 courses, as well as some other backcountry skiing and riding events to any JHSC or Jackson Hole student-athletes.  Stay tuned to the schedule below as well as the newsletter for more on these opportunities.  Touring gear is required and rentals are available if interested in signing up for these events.  

Clinic and Touring Schedule

Guided Touring in GTNP:   Open to all athletes 12 and older.  Dates will be scheduled as we approach the winter season. $160 Transportation will be provided to and from JHSC and GTNP.  Professionally guided under Jackson Hole Mountain Guides permits.

Athletes will tour up one of the popular "Front Four" runs in the Tetons.  Expect to be outside all day backcountry skiing!  This is a popular event, a recap from previous years touring day can be found here:

Avalanche Level 1 and Avalanche Level 2:  Date is TBD.  Please email if interested.

Stay tuned as more events pop up throughout the season.


04/11/2022 - 11:51am
02/28/2022 - 3:06pm
The Backcountry Program has been up to some fun!  Both the mini mountaineers and 4 month program are in full swing.  This means 30 kids are skiing up snow king on Thursdays!  All of the training at Snow King has really paid off.
02/01/2022 - 3:43pm
A big highlight of January was the backcountry program's first ever trip!  We headed as a group to a backcountry ski lodge in the Bitterroot mountains of Montana.