December 4th Grooming Report-Homesite Delight

December 4th Grooming Report

Homesite Delight!

Whether it’s that long steady but not too steep climb, or the thrilling but not too dangerous long downhill, Homesite is a favorite for many of our regulars.  Add in the fact that Homesite is also a summer road which means that it starts the season smooth and brush free makes it a great place to go spend some ski time today.

As of 11 AM no snow has fallen since yesterday’s grooming and the temperature is -3ºC/27ºF with calm winds and mostly cloudy skies.  The forecast for the next few days is quite warm temps but with the weak December sun it shouldn’t cause too much trouble.  While we might switch to lighter grooming equipment in the next couple of days to go easy on our early season snow pack, the Pisten Bully was out again today, setting a best line skate pass on all recently groomed trails.  Bring your old skis and have a great time skiing over the occasional brush or grass you’ll find sticking through the snow.  Don’t forget to purchase your passes which can be done here.

Changing topics, recent newspaper articles have announced that big changes are happening to some of our traditional racing venues, namely the Moose Chase.  To get the full story check out the official JHSC Moose Chase Press Release.

Groomer’s choice for today is Homesite.