Alpine January 2020 Newsletter

Busy December!!!

December came and went very quick. The month started with some solid on snow training at Snow King and finally kicking the race season into gear with the Western Region FIS Open directly following with the Sean Nurse Memorial. 
JHSC Alpine athletes had a strong start to the race season with solid results bolstered with a successful Christmas camp setting up for a great competition season! 

Mid Season recap: 

FIS recap: 

This FIS team is off to a strong start in the first half of the season. After a full summer of on snow camps and physical conditioning, athletes are finally letting loose on the race hill. Our first year athletes have taken advantage of great race conditions and have made outstanding results coming from the back of the pack. Home hill advantage in the early WR FIS open was a tremendous opportunity for our team. In addition to the high level of growth from our younger athletes, the PG boys continue to set the standard for results on a regional and national basis.

Looking ahead at the rest of the season, our athletes will compete both regionally and abroad. Big Sky Tech series kicks off this week and is the first of a string of US National qualification races. Our entire squad will compete at Big Sky while Oliver Parazette will travel abroad to compete with the US Men's development team at the National Junior Championships in Europe. Izzy Davis will be competing at Youth Olympics in Lausanne Switzerland. She will represent Snow Australia. We have a very committed group of young athletes that are taking the challenges of FIS ski racing in stride. It has been an incredibly fun season so far and the competition season is just getting underway.
We look forward to what the rest of the season will bring!

U16 recap: 

Sean Nurse Memorial Results:
Day 1 / Men's GS
Prichard Cam 7th, Sanders Atticus 12th, Clausen Sam 13th, McGee Nico 17th
Day 2 / Men's GS​
Prichard Cam 5th, Clausen Sam7th, Sanders Atticus 11th Janssen Owen 22nd
Day 3 / Men's SL
Sanders Atticus 3rd, Prichard Cam 5th Clausen Sam 7th
Day 4 / Men's SL
Prichard Cam 4th , Janssen Owen11th 

Day 1 / Women's GS
Lohman Maylia 3rd, Wogoman Evalyn 6th, Howard Anika 7th, Kantor Jordyn 15th, MacMillan Avery 16th 
Day 2 / Women's GS
Lohman Maylia 4th   Wogoman Evalyn 6th, Howard Anika 7th, MacMillan Avery 12th, Kantor Jordyn 15th
Day 3 / Women's SL
Lohman Maylia 3rd,  MacMillan Avery 10th, Wogoman Evalyn11th, Howard Anika 13th
Day 4 / Women's SL
Lohman Maylia 2nd , Wogoman Evalyn 6th, Kantor Jordyn 22nd

U14 Recap: 

The U14 Team has been skiing hard since November. They had an excellent holiday break with early morning training sessions on Snow King and are now looking forward to their first qualifying race series January 18-20th.

U12 Recap: 

Early December marked the U12 alpine program's first on-snow training where athletes were introduced to basic technical fundamentals of skiing. Over the Holidays, athletes prepared for the their first race of the season, the Caroline Classic, held on January 4th. Athletes are now looking forward to the first of three USSA North Series races held at Grand Targhee January 11th and 12th. Wish them luck!

U10 Recap: 

We got started in the first week of December.  The season began with freeskiing and drills to get our skills dialed in.  After our early season holiday camp began on December 23. we incorporated gate training. After a very productive seven days of holiday camp it was capped of with our traditional first race of the year, Caroline Classic GS at Snow King.  For many this was the first race of their life. Everyone had a great time and look forward to the next race. The next race is a USSA event January 11 and 12 at Grand Targhee. 

2 Day Race team recap: 

After some fun freeskiing at JHMR and drills at Snow King, we transitioned into gate training seamlessly and introduced gate training to some of the athletes for the first time. We had a great first race at the Caroline Classic with one first, and a solid amount of U8 podium finishes. We're excited to see what's to come for the remainder of the season!

2020 Team photos

FIS Team Photo

U16 Team picture

U14 Team picture

U12 Team picture

U10 Team photo

2 Day Race Team photo

Alpine Volunteer opportunities: 

- We still need volunteers for Alpine events: 
      - 1/10-12 Wes Barron Speed Series ( 3 days of SG for 13 years and older - both genders) / JHMR    
      - 1/18-20 IMD U14 Qualifier (2 days of SL and 1 day of GS for U14 athetes - both genders) / Snow King
      - 3/22 Club Series - Parent/Athlete Dual SL (Local race for U14 and younger athletes) / Snow King
      - 3/13-15 Jackson Downhill (3 days of local DH racing) - JHMR
      - 3/17-22 WR Junior Champs (2 days of SG, 2 days of GS and 2 days of SL for 16 years and older - both genders) / JHMR

Quote of the month: