Alpine August Newsletter

Mt Hood Summer Camps recap

Late June and early July JHSC Alpine program organized three camps at Timberline Lodge in Mt Hood, Oregon. Even with all Covid-19 restrictions and Camps being "Day Camps" we had over 40 athletes from JHSC and other clubs joining us. We also had several athletes using the opportunity to ski for two weeks. We had all glacier summer conditions. First week weather was not great, it was rainy and fogy, other two weeks weather and snow was great. On snow we mostly worked on fundamentals and off snow we did some conditioning, hiking, swimming in lakes, etc.
We have another week of training for U16 and FIS athletes coming up on August 15th. 

JHSC November Colorado camp:

We are organizing JHSC Fall camp in Colorado for U14, U16 and FIS athletes. As of now we are still deciding if we will do "Day Camp" or "Regular Camp".
Cost for "Day Camp": ​$1450 for U16&FIS athletes and $1250 for U14 athletes. 
Cost for "Regural Camp" (traveling as a team): $1750 for U16&FIS athletes and $1500 for U14 athletes. 
Due to possible "Day Camp", this year we will train all days at Cooper and potentially free ski couple days at Loveland. We will work on fundamentals, free skiing, gate training, etc. 
We are leaving Jackson around 10am on November 6th and will start skiing on the 7th. Our last day on snow will be on Nov 15th and we will drive back home on that day. 


Alpine Program Registration for 2020/21 Season is open: 


Upcoming events: 

Internal Swap - It will be on Thursday in late September, a week before Fit Night
Fit Night - Monday in late September or early October
October 8th - FIS team meeting
October 13th - U16 team meeting
October 14th - U14 team meeting
October 20th - U12 team meeting
October 22nd - U10 team meeting
October 29th - Ref clinic 
November 5th - 2Day team meeting
November 7th-15th - U14, U16 and FIS Colorado Camp
December 3rd - NGS team meeting

Physical Preparation

Our FIS and U16 student/athletes are running year round dryland every week from Monday to Friday. Until school start we are meeting every morning at 8:30am at Snow King. Please read our COVID-19 protocols and disclosure statement @
For U14 student/athletes will start as usual on first Tuesday in September. 
U12's will start on September 14th
U10's will start on October 4th
We will have our annual conditioning testing before school starts. 

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