JHSC COVID-19 Statements

***All Statements subject to updates at any time*** 


COVID-19 Disclosure Statement  - Must be printed and signed by athlete and parent/guardian before athlete returns to training.

Athletes, parents, volunteers, and staff are all asked to adhere to the following protocols:

  • Wear a face mask before, during and after training
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times
  • Indoor access is restricted to emergency situations only

Covid (& Catastrophic Event) Refund Policy:
In the event of a catastrophic event where the JHSC must cease operations for the season, refunds up to 70% of program fees may be made. Refunds will be based on actual program days cancelled not individual attendance. Families will have the option to donate the remainder of their program fees in lieu of a refund and receive a tax receipt for their donation. This process will be initiated by the Club’s business office.

COVID-19 Protocols for JHSC Staff