17/18 Nordic Report & April News

That's a Wrap

With season end events in the books, spring break in full swing, spring sports in action, and the sporadic Jackson Hole weather, it's time for all the Nordies to hang their hats and take in some much needed rest and relaxation after a fun and very eventful season. Thanks a million to all the the coaches, parents and athletes for giving it their all and keeping the Nordic stoke alive during less than ideal winter conditions. Thanks to our ED Brian Krill and the Board of Directors for their leadership and guidance as we look to take the club to the next level. Thanks to Steve Swan for working tirelessly to better the trails when we don't have snow and when we have too much snow. And of course thanks to Alex and Muggs at Trail Creek Ranch for yet again hosting 175 young athletes, citizen racers, and Trail Creek pass holders at such an incredible venue.

Summer Training Outline

Training will resume for the Prep and Comp team beginning June 1st, but the coaches will be in close contact with the athletes through May to be sure they're ready to take on a big training load this summer. Junior and Development athletes will begin training the third week of June. Coaches will be in touch with the details come May. We're looking into an on snow Beartooth Pass camp the week beginning June 16th and may be teaming up with Bozeman and Park City, stay tuned for details. U18 and older athletes will be invited to the Haig Glacier camp August 12-21. New this year, there will be a U12-U14 IMD summer camp in Park City from June 16th-19th. We will reach out to all U12 -U14 athletes about this great opportunity to meet and train with other IMD athletes in a summer camp setting.

2017-18 Championships Highlights

If you missed the news from Solider Hollow, Annabel Hagen and Elijah Weenig posted fantastic results at the U.S Ski and Snowboard Club Junior National week long event. The two JHSC Nordic all-stars pulled much of their Intermountain Division team's weight in 4 events. 4 top 10 finishes and 2 podiums from the two athletes gave JHSC strong enough results to rank JHSC 21st in the nation among 43 clubs.  We're excited to have Elijah and Annabel lead a very strong and confident Comp team into the 2018-19 season. Check out coverage from Junior Nationals in the late Jackson Hole News & Guide Article.


JHSC Nordic saw more top 10 finishes at the Intermountain Youth Championships since the Championships event started. For a write up on the event check out the March newsletter

2017-18 Program Highlights

  • The JHSC Nordic Program represents approximately 113 athletes along with 60 Wilson Winter Sports participants.

  • 2 athletes qualified, along with one alternate, for USSA Junior Nationals in Soldier Hollow, UT.

  • JHSC was ranked 21st among 43 clubs at Junior Nationals with only 2 athletes at the event

  • First international summer camp on snow at the Haig Glacier, Alberta Canada

  • JHSC Nordic took 44 athletes to the West Yellowstone Junior National Qualifier. Largest JHSC Nordic team trip to date.

  • Annabel Hagen competed at U.S. Cross Country Nationals in Anchorage, AK, gaining experience for her goal to make the USSA Junior Scandinavian team next season.

  • Higher percentage of Junior & Development athletes participating in local races.

  • JHSC posting the best results in 2 classes for IMD at Junior Nationals in two races.

Nordic Race & Trail Creek Highlights

  • JHSC hosted Intermountain Youth Championships for the first time with 250 athletes in attendance.

  • Trail Creek hosted the Moose Chase, a Wyoming High School race, a handful of citizen races.

  • The skier cross at Trail Creek is gaining a reputation as we build upon it’s technical difficulty every year. The skier cross at IMD Youth Champs was a highlight of the event.

  • We’re making progress on the 1, 3, and 5 year strategic plan and vision 

Athlete Championship Results

Top 10 at the Intermountain Youth Championships – U10-U14

USSA Junior Nationals Complete JHSC Results – U16-U18

Intermountain Youth Championships

  • Colton Petch - 1st, U10 - 1km classic mass

  • Neve Pruzan - 2nd U10. 1km classic mass

  • Ellie Wheeler - 10th. U10. 1km classic mass

  • Tosh Carr - 2nd. U8. 1km classic mass

  • Lucas Wilmot- 2nd. U12. 2km classic mass

  • Auroa Stiles - 3rd. U12-2km classic mass

  • Hailey Stines 7th. U12 -2km classic mass

  • Mason Wheeler 4th. U14- km classic mass

  • Peter Concannon. 7th. U14 -3km classic mass

  • Natalie O’brien. 2nd. U14 -3km classic mass

  • Sydney Wilmot. 6th. U14 -3km classic mass

  • Alexi Balog. 1st. U8 -1km skate

  • Tosh Carr. 2nd. U8-1km skate

  • Landon Kjorstad. 3rd. U8-1km skate

  • Colton Petch. 1st. U10-1km skate

  • Neve Pruzan. 3rd. U10-1km skate

  • Lucas Wilmot. 4th. U12- 2km skate

  • Mason Wheeler. 5th. U14- 3km skate

  • Natalie O’brien. 3rd. U14- 3km skate

  • Sydney Wilmot. 7th. U14 - 3km skate

USSA Junior National Championships. Soldier Hollow, UT

  • Annabel Hagen- 35th. U18 - 5km classic

  • Elijah Weenig- 17th. U16 - 5km classic

  • Annabel Hagen - 3rd. U18. Skate sprint

  • Elijah Weenig - 4th. U16. Skate Sprint

  • Annabel Hagen - 6th. U18. 10km Skate mass

  • Elijah Weenig - 9th. U16. 5km Skate mass

  • Annabel Hagen - 7th. 3x3km classic team relay

  • Elijah Weenig - 2nd 3x3km classic team relay (Elijah posted the fastest U16 time of the day)