SAS September Newsletter

Dear JHSC Community,

It is with sadness that I write to let you know that I will be moving away from my work at the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club this fall. There are some family circumstances that are calling me away from Jackson in the short term, and I will be taking advantage of my time on the Front Range by completing the Master’s Degree in Education and Environment while I am away. As our student-athletes, administrators and I all start a new school year, and as the Club ramps up for the 20/21 season, I will continue working with the Club through the month of September to facilitate a smooth transition. 

Working with JHSC over the past year has been incredibly rewarding for many reasons. First and foremost, the vision and execution of the Club’s mission by it’s amazing staff has been inspirational because each of my team members puts so much of their heart into what they do and have a good time doing it. Being able to work with these amazing folks--Brian, Ali, Julie, Jeff, Britt, Branko, Ben, Rob, Blake, Kevin, Seppi, Ned, Waddle, Tristan, Bria, Collin and all the other coaches--has been an honor and something I will always cherish. 

Second, I’ve met so many wonderful families that make this Club what it is. Thank you to all of you who have showed up for educational events, concussion testing, study hall and summer school. To last year’s U14 families, thanks for your cooking and support to make our Colorado camp a success last fall. It’s been super fun working directly with the athletes, academically and on the hill. Big shoutout to the alumni and staff family--Cam, Jesse, Morgan, Seppi, Brenna--who interviewed with me last winter to promote the Club’s values.

Third, collaborating with our local school partners--TCSD, JHHS, JHMS, JHCS, TSS and JHCA--has been humbling and rewarding. I am blown away by this community’s commitment to the sport of skiing and each administrator’s willingness to accommodate our athletes. The work that they do for all students in our community and for JHSC members is greatly appreciated. All these schools go above and beyond to make it possible for our athletes to succeed in the classroom and on the snow. Thanks to all the tutors who have worked with our student-athletes as well. 

Lastly, huge gratitude to our other community partners who have made our Club the robust and well-rounded educational and athletic program it is. To Watershed Jackson, St. John’s Teton Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and the physical therapist volunteers, thank you for your commitment to reducing life-altering disability from head injury by facilitating baseline concussion screening to our student-athletes. To the individuals at Medicine Wheel Wellness (Francine, Jenny, Forrest), Teton Behavior Therapy (Ellie), Curran Seeley (Heather), Community School (David) and internally, at the Club (Brian, Britt, Jesse, Bria, Brenna and Tristan) and Michelle Sirios, thank you so much for volunteering your time and sharing your expertise with our community in the Parent/Athlete Education Series last season. To the Lacrosse, Soccer and Hockey Clubs, thanks for being open and willing to collaborate and dream about a Youth Sports Alliance. When the time is right, hopefully we will see this materialize. Last but not least, thank you Jackson Hole Ski Patrol for working with the Club to increase mountain awareness and safety. 

Despite stepping away from the Club and Jackson this year, I will look forward to returning to participate in future events, volunteer at fundraisers, and nourish the relationships I’ve built while at JHSC. If I’ve left anyone out of my gratitude, please forgive me and know that if you’ve been part of my experience at the Club, I hold you in high regard for the time spent and the lessons I’ve learned. I will hold dear my experience at JHSC and only regret that it couldn’t have lasted longer. The Club is in great hands with Ali at the helm, and I send my best wishes to the crew as they navigate this unique and challenging year. They are truly amazing individuals, and I’m so lucky to have been part of the lasting legacy and tradition of Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club. 



PS - If you’d like to contact me in the future, please reach out to me at 970-376-5470 or