November Alpine Newsletter

Alpine Program Updates

The Alpine Team had a very productive fall of dryland workouts and international camps. We have a great staff of coaches ready to foster an even more amazing group of athletes into the season. 

Coaching opportunities

We are seeking to hire Alpine race coaches who are committed to student-athlete development and will support them on their way to success in ski racing, academics, and life. Applicants should have race/coaching experience, along with a USSA or PSIA certification. Benefits include passes to Snow King and JHMR.

Seeking Coaches For:

-Rockchuck Race Coaches


Austria Camp

We had 11 athletes and 3 coaches go to Europe for a pre-season training trip! Conditions made for excellent Fall on-snow training, and athletes were able to freeski, work on drills, and train both SL & GS. Along with the great training, they got to experience the culture and food of Austria and even traveled over to Sölden for the GS World Cup Race!  

Colorado Camp

We have 42 athletes (FIS, U16, and U14) and 6 coaches in Copper Mountain, Colorado from Nov 4-13. Athletes will be free skiing, doing drills, and skiing GS and SL courses at Loveland and Copper. This is a very important camp for working on fundamentals and getting yourself on the right track before the season begins! 

FIS: Brett & Kevin: Nico McGee, Taylor Glick, Sam Clausen, Avery MacMillan, Evalyn Wogoman, Atticus Sanders, Kye Bessette, Mattias Wilson, Noah Parazette, and Gus Clausen

U16: Ned & Vidar: Liam Logan, Oliver Sanders, Lucy Wirth, Nico Tozzi, Callie Owens, Maddie Ryan, Kylie MacMillan, Jaden D'Amours, Teddy Peightal, Neve Pruzan, Cash Warren, and Dylan Witherite

U14: Al, Jamie, and Amelia Volk: Bard Barnett, Addie Binstadt, Sage Kandolin, Eliza Krugh, Ida & Augusteen Lantier, Charlie Lighthart, Ruby Lindell, Kai McBride, Andrew Overbay, Finley Peightal, Tyler Ramage, Ashton Ritter, Charlie Ryan, Henry Schrauder, Lyvi Ulmer, Hennessey Van Gelder, and Maia Zorkendorfer


Race Day Volunteers

As many of you know, depending on what program your athlete is in, families have a certain amount of work deposit hours to complete. Working as a volunteer at the races we host at our home mountains is an excellent way to do that! There are a variety of volunteer positions we need filled to run a race efficiently. Honestly, without you amazing volunteers, we would not be able to host successful events!

Below I have listed all the races we will be hosting at Snow King and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort that we will need volunteers for this season! I will send out a way to sign up for these volunteer positions shortly but wanted to put these on everyone's radar! 

Races JHSC will host 22-23:

Dec 14-17: WR FIS, JHMR

Dec 19-22: IMD Sean Nurse Memorial, SK

Jan 2-5: WR FIS Devo, SK

Jan 7: Club Series GS, SK

Jan 13-15: IMD U14 Qualifier, SK

Jan 26-29: IMD Wes Barron SG's, JHMR

Mar 4: Club Series Dual Parent/Athlete, SK

Mar 10-12: JH Town Downhill, JHMR

Mar 23-26: WR U14 Regionals, JHMR


Upcoming events: November & December

November 4–13: U14, U16 & FIS Colorado Camp
November 7: U12 Team Meeting
November 10: U10 Team Meeting
November 14: 2-Day Team Meeting

November 19: Referee Clinic at SK

November 24: Thanksgving​

November 31: RockChuck Racers team meeting

December 13: Club wide Avy Awareness Night

Important Alpine program email addresses: 

Alpine Program Director, Kristin Waddle:
FIS Head Coach, Brett Jacobson:
U16 Head Coach, Ned Lazarevic:
U14 Head Coach, Al Clausen:
U12 Head Coach, Neiko Razinger:
U10 Head Coach, Matt Beauregard:
2-Day Head Coach, Rick Lawler:
Rockchuck Racers Head Coach, Jenny Allen Patterson:



"You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy."

-Arthur Ashe ​