May Nordic Newsletter

With Championship events that concluded (in part) in Mid March, April is typically an off training month for the Nordic program. For U16-U20, and some U14 athletes, it's important to take a mental and physical break from the 400-600 hour yearly team training plan that runs consistently for 10 months out of the year. With this in mind it's important for  athletes who have aspirations to compete nationally to establish a fairly easy and enjoyable exercise regime so they're ready when the volume heavy summer team training commences. In light of the COVID pandemic, we've found it's been important to encourage athletes to find routine and take control of their own training. Remaining goal oriented on a daily basis with process goals and embodying the 24-hr athlete concept will leave them prepared for the 20/21 training season.

Prep/Comp -On Your Own Core Routine - Video

Prep/Comp-On Your Own Yoga Routine- Video

Summer training will begin May 25th for Junior National Qualified athletes and U18/20 athletes.  Starting June 1st the entire Prep/Comp team will resume their summer training routine with 4-5 dyrland sessions and 2 strength training sessions per week.. We're happy to announce that Ali Sehnert and Jesse Knori will be running these sessions with Nordic Program Director Ben Morley. Jesse and Ben will also design a 2 day per week Junior team dry-land training plan on Monday and Wednesday evening starting June 22nd.

As we have already started the planning process for next season we are restructuring the Junior team training plan for 3 days per week. More advanced athletes on the Junior team will have the option to train an additional day with the Prep team for a 4th day of training. This additional offering for these Junior athletes will include the 2 days of summer training starting on June 22nd. The idea behind restructuring this plan is to ease the transition for athletes moving up from the Development team to the Junior team, and athletes moving from the Junior team up to the Prep team. We want to encourage retention, and upon review from the end of season survey and observing practice plans the past couple of years, we feel this best suits retention and progression for these phases of development. 

Stay tuned for weekly updates as the planning process for 20/21 continues