May Nordic Newsletter

April & May Transition Period 

In the Nordic world April is considered to be a recovery month when athletes, coaches, event organizers and administrators take time recoup from the tremendous amount of work that goes into operating at a high level throughout the previous 10 months. Many Prep/Comp team athletes take a couple weeks of true physical and mental rest, and then are either become involved with a spring sport or begin to informally train through fun spring sport activities. Once May roles around it's time to start the planning process for the next 10 months. Prep and Comp team athletes start to incorporate some very basic training  that will prepare them for the very volume heavy months in June, July and August. At JHSC we truly that a multi-sport athlete and balanced athlete has a better chance at succeeding and avoiding burn-out in the long run;  and this philosophy plays into how we structure our teams and the program at large. On the flip side, the very nature of the sport already incorporates these values into developing strong well-rounded athlete and human being. 

Galena Camp

This past weekend, JHSC comp team sent 6 athletes to Sun Valley for a spring mini camp of on-snow training.  Hosted at Galena Lodge in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains, skiers Natalie O'Brien, Aurora Stiles, Sydney Wilmot, Josh Roubin, David King and new-to-the-team Mac Wirth with coach Scott Lacy put in over 7 hours of skiing in three days.  With dry-land in the afternoons.

Being spring, the pressure of racing and more regimented training is off, leaving the spring camp purely for enjoying skiing.  Each morning the team enjoyed the over 15km of groomed trails with unlimited crust cruising and plenty of wildlife.  The afternoons consisted of trail runs, first strength session of the season, on-foot agility courses and ultimate frisbee with athletes from Park City, Sun Valley, Soldier Hollow, Salt Lake City, Boise and McCall.  
The spring mini camp was a great kick-off to the new training year and left everyone excited for the upcoming year of Nordic.  Not to mention the warmer river temps of summer after taking the plunge in the Big Wood River where snow could be seen melting directly into the river.
-Coach Scott  

Farewell to Senior Athletes

As we make the transition into the 2019/20 season, we feel it's important to recognize our athletes and coaches that will be moving on from the program These individuals have left their mark on the program in significant growth period of the club and program. Congratulations to Annabel Hagen who will be skiing for Harvard next season, Andie Cornish who wil be running for the University of Vermont, Sam Roubin who will be attending Middlebury and Reed Carlman who will be attending Bowdoin after a gap year. 

Annabel Hagen 2018 Junior Nationals

Andie Cornish and Annabel Hagen 2019 Moose Chase

Reed Carlman as a Development Athlete

Sam Roubin competing in Sun Valley


Farewell to Coach Scott Lacy

Scott Lacy has played a large role in the JHSC Nordic Community and has coached the Development team, the Junior team, Prep team and Comp team. Scott plans on being around for some of the summer camps and will help out periodically when he can. He plans to ski an elite level and will be training with the Bridger Ski Foundation for the 2019/20 season. Thanks Scott for all your hard work and dedication to the program!

Season End Awards


  • Nordic Spirit:Torin Johnson and Liv Bosch
  • Tough Cookie: Ivy Callari and Laik Daavettila​
  • Most Improved: Rhys Striegel and Charlotte Gorski


  • Nordic Spirit Award: Anna(Smiley) Baxter and Micah Weenig​​​
  • Most Improved Skier:  Norris Brookes and Greer Collins
  • Best Attendance: Eva Bosch and Peter Mayer


  • Best attendance: Ellie Wheeler, Tate Lemke
  • Most improved: Jack Mayer, Teya Paciulli
  • Nordic Spirit: Sita Yeomans, Ben Bradford


  • Best attendance: Hailey Stines, Colton Petsch
  • Most improved: William Baxter, Taya McClennen
  • Nordic Spirit: Cecily Ross, Lucas Wilmot


  • Best attendance: Bridger Stiles, Aurora Stiles
  • Most improved: Mason Wheeler, Kate Brigham
  • Nordic Spirit/Med Bennet: Birch Klomparens
  • Female Skier of the Year: Aurora Stiles
  • Male Skier of the Year: Elijah Weenig and David King

Summer Camps

  • Mt Bachelor on snow Camp June 9-16
  • Haig Glacier on snow Camp July 28-August 8
  • Park City/Aspen/Sun Valley dry-land July 28-August 8

Nordic Program Promotion -Produced by Athlete Sam Robin