May Nordic Newsletter

Comp/Prep Team Summer Training

After a month break, many of the more experienced Nordic athletes have their sites on another yearly training cycle starting at the end of the month. May signifies the beginning of the yearly training cycle for Comp team athletes while Prep team athletes will start at the begging of June. U16-U20 athletes will continue with their spring sports for the remainder of the month and begin to incorporate some individual training before they join structured team training. U16s will start the very dynamic training plan with the goal of reaching 400hrs by the end of March while U18s and U20 will shoot for 450 hours. Summer training includes a variety of activities including running, biking, adventuring in the mountains, strength training, technical work on roller-skis, agility, fundamental movement drills, and a whole lot of fun! A common saying in the Nordic world that we abide by is, "summer is a time for training, and winter is a time for racing."

Junior & Development Summer Training. 

Junior and Development training will begin June 25th and is open to any athlete that was on the Junior or Development team this past season, as well as 2nd or 3rd year Teewinot athletes. Training will be available to Junior athletes on Monday and Wednesday evening, and Development training on Wednesdays. Summer training sessions focus on roller ski agility, basic body weight strength, on foot agility, mobility exercises and of course fun and games.

Summer Camps

June 15th - June 23. Soldier Hollow/Moab Dry-Land


We have decided to embrace the summer weather rather than force an on snow camp in June. Mt. Bachelor and other late season venues don't have the snow pack this year to groom into June. With the school release date of June 15th, we'd like to capitalize on productive and effective dry-land training so the athletes get the most out of the 15-25 hours of training. After focusing on some specific nordic training on the  Soldier Hollow Olympic roller ski track and quality running and dry-land training in the Park City area, we'll head down to Moab for the adventure aspect of the camp. Training will include roller skiing, mountain biking, and running in the desert all while maintaining the Nordie lifestyle with some of the best camping in the west.

Stay at home camp mid July

This will be worked into our regular scheduled training, but other teams from around the region may be joining us for a larger training group.

July 16-19 Prep Team Only. Intermountain U14 Camp. Solder Hollow

Athletes that were a U14 or will be a U14 are invited to this camp. This is an Intermountain regional wide camp so there will be an opportunity to train and make friends with other athletes from around the region. This camp is highly recommended for the all Prep team athletes. Cost will be in the $200 range. JHSC will be sending a coach and we will be co-coaching with other coaches from around the region.

August 12-21. U18+ only. Haig Glacier. Canmore Alberta. 

We hike into the camp which  sits in a remote backcountry location 12 miles from the nearest road at 7,500 feet above treeline next to a glacier that holds snow and we can ski on. We live in three comfortable buildings perched on a granite ridge overlooking the world.  All of our gear gets flown in via helicopter.  The skiing is a 30 minute hike from the camp to the snow zone. We ski in the mornings and dryland training in the afternoon. Generally we get 18-22 hours of training in for the week. Last year Annabel Hagen logged 30! You must have a current passport for this trip. The estimated trip cost is $1400 which includes travel, lodging, coaching, food, grooming fees. I'll ask for confirmation by the end of next week. We will be teaming up with Sun Valley for this trip.

For any information regarding summer training or camps contact Nordic Program Director Ben Morley -


JHSC Nordic Program Manual

As we enter a new yearly cycle we're taking a hard look at retaining and recruiting athletes to the program. If you have questions about where your athlete fits in best, be sure to follow up with each team's respective head coach or the Nordic program director, Ben Morley. End of season evaluations should have offered some guidance as to what's on the horizon for your up and coming athlete. As always, we accept new athletes that have a variety of different backgrounds. The JHSC Nordic Program Manual can also serve as a guide for how the pipeline functions and how we aim to progress each and every athlete through the program.