March 9th Grooming Report--Races Galore

March 9th Grooming Report

Races Galore

It seems like races have been happening left and right this season, almost every other weekend, Trail Creek has been filled to the brim with skiers eager to season the trails with sweat and tears(of joy). And yet another race is quickly coming upon us! The Skinny Skis Wydaho Season Finale is this weekend at Trail Creek, and grooming for it has officially begun. Today is looking beautiful out at Trail Creek, so be sure to go and take advantage of well-set trails, before the snow starts dumping yet again.

Today’s grooming was a double-pass of most fields trails, with single passes on some of the wooded sections. The Nordic X was chewed up quite a bit yesterday, but to avoid squishing it too much, and with the fresh snow on the way, the groomer elected to hold off until tomorrow to freshen it up. With upwards of a foot of snow expected, it should make for some fantastic skiing over the weekend.

Groomer’s choice is the Old Pass Loop.