March 2nd Grooming Report--Back in Business!

March 2nd Grooming Report

Back in Business!

Cody the Prinoth service technician has gotten our Husky up and running at 100% today.  In a nutshell, the diesel emission fluid (DEF) that reduces the pollution freezes at around 12ºF which is a problem when Nordic grooming.  The solution is that antifreeze is circulated at various locations around the DEF system to keep it warm.  It appears as if a pump was somehow mixing antifreeze with the DEF which is a problem.  We think it is fixed as it ran perfectly today.

Conditions this morning were very hard but the Husky did a pretty good job of crushing it up.  A single skate/classic pass was made through almost every trail with double passes on Moose Loop, Animal Farm, and all regular field trails.  We have definitely entered some spring skiing conditions, at least for the next few days with fast hard morning’s, softening mid-days, and quite soft afternoons.  Skiers out as grooming was wrapping seemed to have nailed the timing and looked very happy.

Coach George sent out an email yesterday that had some very cool links.  Wayne Petsch is an amazing photographer and has a son (Colton) in the program.  He has attended many of the events this year, taking some awesome photos along the way.  If you would like to enjoy some, check out either the Jackson Hole Ski Club 2022 link or the 2022-02-06 Trail Creek Jr Races link.  Thanks so much Wayne for these amazing photos!

Groomer’s choice for today, mid-day in the fields, afternoon in the woods.