March 29th Grooming Report--Nearing the End!

March 29th Grooming Report

Nearing the End!

Only two more days of grooming remain! Trails are still holding together remarkably well, but you can feel spring in the air; the sun is hot, and the south wind is blowing. Today’s major event was the closure of the East Fields; the snowplows managed to completely cover the roadside part of the trail with gravel and salt, so as a precaution against damaged equipment, they were not groomed today. Consider taking the woods instead! If we get enough snow tonight, it might be restored for tomorrow.

Today’s grooming was a best-line pass of the trails, with double passes on Moose Loop, Déjà vu, and Homesite/Suicide. A mama moose and her calf are hanging out up on Boiler, so be a bit wary if you decide to head that way, while the rest seem to have headed off towards the Ranch. Grooming was a bit chunky, but as the day warmed up became quite decent, and should offer a nice glide.

P3290200 (600x800).jpg

Groomer’s choice is Homesite.