March 28th Grooming Report-Need More Skiing?!

March 28th Grooming Report

Need More Skiing?!

Yes the ski season is winding down and yes, travel is pretty much out of the question for the moment, but things will turn around in the months to come and you might find yourself thinking, “I didn’t get my yearly quota of snow time, what could I possibly do?”  Never to fear, you can pretty much find snow any month of the year somewhere on our glorious planet.

The white wavy lines in the image above are a rough approximation of where snow accumulates in our summer to depths great enough to support skiing.  Probably the most expensive ski vacation would be Antarctica, but you will pretty much be guaranteed to find plenty of crowd free options if you try hard enough.

South America is a budget option with flights well under a thousand dollars and lots of resorts.

Moving on to the west, the next real possibility for skiing would be New Zealand which could keep a skier busy for years exploring all of the options.

While much of Australia never sees much snow, the south east states of Victoria and New South Wales along with the island of Tasmania have plenty of the glorious white stuff.

Finally if you really want an out there ski adventure, even South Africa has a couple of ski resorts although references to Nordic skiing in that continent are quite slim.

If you want to ski the south, a good place to start is on google maps, click on the image below and let your imagination be limitless.

If you are looking for adventure today closer to home you could surely check out Trail Creek.  Today’s grooming was once again last night and with the Ginzu groomer.  Temps stayed in the cold enough range yesterday that trails barely softened.  The Ginzu was able to smooth out the skate lanes pretty well although classic track resetting was not possible.

Today you will find a bit of fresh snow on the tracks which should make for some reasonable skiing conditions and quite a few skiers were taking advantage of the crust in the fields which should be nice all day long today.

Groomer’s choice is to ski and dream about skiing.