March 27th Grooming Report--Still Hanging in There!

March 27th Grooming Report

Still Hanging in There!

While billions of our snowflakes are melting into oblivion daily with the blazing March temperatures we’ve been recently experiencing, the good news is that there are still trillions and trillions more snowflakes, waiting in the depths, ready to jump into their roles as Nordic ski trails.  You still have a few more days to get your skis on and have a fun Nordic ski.

Today’s grooming began after the sun had begun to soften the fields a bit and covered almost every trail.  Double passes were made on Close Field, Moose Loop, and Olympic with fresh classic tracks everywhere.  Conditions are a bit variable with a few spots getting quite thin or even melted, but all in all with a little common sense you can still have a great ski. There was even a moderate sized crowd out this morning, all wearing smiles about being able to ski in shirt sleeve weather. 

The forecast calls for rain or snow Tuesday with cooler temps Tuesday night, so the next grooming will happen Tuesday evening with the call to proceed beyond that made in that grooming report.  Hopefully we can still get another grooming or two in before the end of the month, but we’ll have to see how well those trillions of snowflakes hang around.

Groomer’s choice is sunny trails in the morning and shady trails in the afternoon.