March 27th Grooming Report-Looking Way Back!

March 27th Grooming Report

Looking Way Back!

Many thanks to Coach Kathy for the amazing shot above which is from the road in front of Trail Creek in 1978.  This was four years before Bill Koch, the famous American skier first used the skating technique in the 1982 World cup so you’ll see no skate boot in this image.  You do see lots of really cool knickers and knee socks and probably lots of wool and no spandex.  Click on the image for a more detailed look, Trail Creek appears to be a hopping place even back in 1978.

Things have continued to be quite “hopping” around Trail Creek now in 2020 with lots of skiers for how late in the season it is.  Today’s grooming once again happened last night with the Ginzu groomer making multiple skate passes on all major trails.  Yesterday’s temps just touched freezing so the snow surface was quite resistant to grooming efforts.  The classic tracks were also not able to be groomed because of the cool temps. 

What you’ll find today is very fast conditions early on the groomed trails, however, the fields have firmed substantially to the point that even skaters will be able to do well and are probably the best bet for AM skiers.  The sun should warm trails in the afternoon although the fields should remain firm throughout the day.   The image below shows crust tracks made late afternoon yesterday showing firm conditions.

Groomer’s choice for today is to try crust cruising in the fields.