March 27th Grooming Report---Crystalline Perfection

March 27th Grooming Report

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Crystalline Perfection

It was an ethereal experience grooming this morning. Crystal blue skies above, and a million diamonds shining in the air and on the ground, like some lost treasure of ages past. What a beautiful day.


Today’s grooming was a full pass of the system, with most wooded trails getting at least one pass, and all fields trails getting two. The snow conditions and temperature were nearly perfect for ideal grooming today, so the corduroy may be the best seen all year. A fox was spotted in the Lower East Fields, which is a pretty neat sighting; unfortunately, the light conditions were not ideal for a good photo, but if you head down that way, you might be able to spot him again.

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Groomer’s choice for today is a sunny sunscreened ski in the fields.