March 25th Grooming Report--Drifting Away

March 25th Grooming Report

Drifting Away

Trail Creek, like many of us, drifted away last night; but while we drifted away to sleep, Trail Creek just drifted away across our beloved trails! The wind must have been powerful, because drifts had actually formed inside the cabin this morning. Certainly makes one glad they’re not sleeping in one of those forest service cabins, or worse, outside of one! When encountered this morning, the moose had been almost entirely buried!

20230325_083944 (600x800).jpg

In spite of the wind, which had mostly faded by grooming time, the Husky did good work this morning, turning wind-packed snow back into beautiful trails. The snow was still falling and will continue for the rest of the day, so wooded trails might be the best option going into the afternoon hours. Today’s grooming was a standard rework, with single tracks on all trails, and doubles on Animal Farm, Olympic, Moose Loop, and the Fields and East Fields.

 20230325_093639 (800x600).jpg

Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods.