March 24th Grooming Report--One Week to Go!

March 24th Grooming Report

One Week to Go!

Only one week left before Trail Creek closes for the season, but it sure doesn’t look like it outside. The snow is seemingly unending, and visibility was near-zero at the time of the grooming report. This will likely result in some fairly soft skiing today, but beneath that fluffy coating is a very excellent set of corduroy, since the snow was grooming very, very nicely today, hopefully making the trails quite pleasant to explore. Even the moose seem to be getting in on the action, with at least 5 and possibly up to 7 parading around and generally being grouchy in a very moose-like manner. Fortunately, they decided to move off onto the Ranch for now.

Today’s grooming was a fairly thorough pass across the system, with double passes on Moose Loop, Animal Farm, Old Pass Loop, Homesite, and Woolsey Woods, as well as the standard Fields trails. There isn’t much wind today, and drifting shouldn’t be an issue, so expect roughly equal skiing both in and out of the woods, but don’t forget the anti-seize.

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Groomer’s choice is Old Pass Loop.