March 23rd Grooming Report--Get it While it’s Not Hot!

March 23rd Grooming Report

Get it While it’s Not Hot!

There’s still plenty of skiing at Trail Creek today although the forecast below might be a bit challenging in the days to come.  We’ve entered that time of year where first thing in the morning you can jump on the crust in the fields which is quite stable, mid-morning the field trails begin to soften, and then in the afternoon the woods ski nicely.

Today’s grooming actually happened yesterday evening.  The Husky ventured out and was able to do a pretty good job of morphing the warm snow into crisp corduroy and sharp classic tracks.  Pretty much every trail was covered with a skate/classic pass with Close Field, Moose Loop, Armin’s, and Olympic received multiple passes.

In other Nordic world news, the Birkebeinerrennet took place over last weekend.  This is perhaps the most iconic Nordic race in the world and something that all you Nordie’s might want to put on your bucket list.  It appears as if we had no local participants this year and while it is a bit far out to book flights now, Delta is currently offering round trip tickets from Jackson to Oslo for only $761 for mid-February.  You too could do the Birkebeinerrennet!

Next grooming will take place Thursday evening and then probably Saturday evening depending on skier volume and how things go for the rest of the week.

Groomer’s choice is to cruise the crust in the early morning, sunny trails in the late morning, and the woods in the afternoon.