March 21st Grooming Report--Where’s Mooso?

March 21st Grooming Report

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Where’s Mooso?

Doubtless you can see the first moose in this photo, but can you spot the second? Most should be able to see it, but finding the third might present a real challenge. In fact, there were five moose on the trails today, hanging out in a group down by Déjà vu! They went on a merry chase in front of the groomer before finally conceding defeat and moving onto the ranch, where they looked perfectly happy to eat some leftover hay.

Today’s grooming was a bit rustic, thanks to the fairly heavy snow we got last night, as well as this morning. It was still dumping at the time of the grooming report, so expect at least a few inches on the trails. Grooming consisted of single passes across most trails, as well as double passes on Woolsey Woods, Déjà vu, Moose Loop, Moose Poop Loop, and the East Fields. It’s looking like it’ll be a pretty snowy week!

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Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods.