March 20th Grooming Report--It Is So Nice to See Snow and Ice!

March 20th Grooming Report

It Is So Nice to See Snow and Ice!

Yes the calendar says that spring has nearly arrived, but when the silent white flakes drift earthward, draping the trees and trails with yet another round of winter splendor, surely the flowers and the bees can wait a little longer.  Don’t waste this bonus, you mustn’t move with slowness, enjoy the wintery euphoric, do it with your Nordic; ski.

As of report time up to four inches of very heavy spring snow has fallen at Trail Creek today.  The Husky has been hard at it, warping that warm snow into some lovely soft skiing opportunities.  A pretty good crowd has already been out today, with smiles the dominant feature.

Almost every trail received a skate/classic pass today with Close Field, Moose Loop, and Animal Farm receiving multiple passes.  Properly waxed skiers should be able to have a wonderful ski today.

If current weather forecasts hold, the near term grooming schedule will be Monday Morning, Tuesday evening, and Thursday evening.

Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods.