March 14th Grooming Report--Fastest in the Nation!

March 14th Grooming Report

Fastest in the Nation!

Lena Poduska not only had the fastest U16 time yesterday at the Junior Nordic National Championships in Fairbanks yesterday, she was the fastest female overall, way to go Lena!  The rest of the team wasn’t far behind, Coach Wills’s complete report reads:

             We had a ton of amazing performances today!

It was a classic 7.5k interval start for all ages and genders.  The results for all the JHSC athletes:

Lena Poduska won the national championship for U16 girls AND had the fastest women’s time of the day in ALL age classes!!

Lucas Wilmot 5th U18

Nate Streubel 8th U16

Peter Warner 13th U18

Sam Sinclair 16th U18

Abby Murphy 17th U16

Mason Wheeler 19th U20

Sam Hutchinson 20th U16

Aurora Stiles 26th U18

Ryan Thompson 36th U16

Colton Petsch 41st U16

Here at Trail Creek you’ll also find plenty of fast skiing today.  The Husky was out and about, making skate/classic passes nearly everywhere with double passes on most of the fields.  A new feature for the year was groomed today, this can only happen in epic snow winters, one of which we are in now, Superplant was groomed which if you don’t know where that is, think Faceplant to skier’s left, only quite a bit more intense.  Surely our Junior skiers will discover that this week and put a million tracks on it.

Things are wrapping up this week; the image below was the season finale for Coach Kathy’s Monday Lollipoppers, thanks for all the Lolliopper wrangling and great images Coach Kathy!

Groomer’s choice for today is the Lower East Fields.