March 10th Grooming Report--Champagne

March 10th Grooming Report


If you’ve never tried champagne before, it is truly a marvelous substance. Light, airy, filling the heart with joyful ebullience, and best of all, it’s free! That’s right, there is free champagne at Trail Creek! The groomer is referring, of course, to champagne powder, of which almost a foot fell last night, blanketing all the trails in a soft, fluffy coating. A surprising event for this time of year, but a welcome one.

Today’s grooming was a triple pass of tomorrow’s race course, as we prepare for the final major skiing event of the season. While the grooming was working nicely, the softness of the powder did lead to a certain degree of smooshing, and accordingly some berms mid-trail, that are basically inevitable with conditions like these. Hopefully, when trails harden up, they’ll go away before tomorrow’s race, but keep your fingers crossed.

Groomer’s Choice is a lap of the race course!