July Nordic Newsletter

July - August, 80-90+ hrs of Training

The Nordic comp team is in the thick of their base training phase and stacking up some serious hours. Attendance has been strong and athletes are taking every opportunity possible, sometimes outside of regular scheduled training, to maximize an important training window in their yearly cycle.   It's during the summer months that we really try to engrain the Nordic lifestyle and the training habits that build strong all-around athletes that prepare them for the mental and physical demands of competing at a very high level in a very difficult sport.  It's been said by many, summer is for training and winter is for racing. JHSC athletes continue to embody that mantra and are impressing the community, their peers, and coaches.

Athlete highlights

  • Annabel Hagen is currently attending the Natioal U16 Camp. The top 20 U16 athletes in the country are invited to an intensive week of training. Stay tuned on the "JHSC Nordic" Facebook page for updates on Annabel's time trial results along with video and photos.
  • Elijah Weenig charges up to the lower saddle last Friday after running 12 miles with the team up Cascade Canyon
  • Jack Cornish, with year-end goals in mind, trains when he's able to with his work schedule and sticks to a 450hr yearly schedule.
  • In the race for the summer commitment scholarship athletes are not only committed to the sport and lifestyle, but three will earn a $1,000 scholarship to reward their efforts. Des Concannon is leading the charge (with a broken arm!) with 40 sessions. Birch Klomparens isn't far behind with 36 sessions. Elijah Weenig in a strong 30, and Annabel Hagen with 26 while balancing some soccer training earlier this summer. There are still 6 weeks and approximately 36 sessions left in the summer training session.


Haig Glacier Camp

Annabel Hagen, Alex Muromcew, and Coach Ben will be heading up the Haig Glacier from August 4th- 16th for an on snow and dry-land camp in coordination with the Sun Valley team. We hike into the camp which  sits in a remote backcountry location 12 miles from the nearest road at 7,500 feet above treeline next to a glacier that holds snow. We live in three comfortable buildings perched on a granite ridge overlooking the world.  All of our gear gets flown in via helicopter.  The skiing is a 30 minute saunter from the camp to the snow zone. We ski in the mornings and hold dryland training in the afternoon. Generally we get 18-22 hours of training in for the week. Coach Scott Lacy and JHSC Alumni and University of Alaska skier Nick Lovett will be leading a strong group of athletes at home while this group is gone.




Looking Forward

Summer training continues for the Development and Junior teams on a weekly basis. We've had solid attendance each week for this group. Younger athletes are taking after the older crew on Monday's and working on their roller ski skills and technique on Wednesday's. Continued exposure to the sport in the summer months and keeping the sessions fun while touching base with training fundamentals is what we're going after. Some Prep and Comp team athletes will transition into their fall sport, some will continue to train for Nordic on a full-time basis, and some will balance two sports while staying connected with the their strength training foundation and technical fundamentals.


There is only one more month left before we transition into a different phase of training after which our fall programs begin. Registration for fall and winter programs is right around the corner! Many Comp, Prep and Junior and Development athletes have registered and shown their commitment to the the program. It's never too early to reserve a spot for your Nordie in the program; last year the Teewinot and Lollipopper team filled up fast! The Nordic program regularly accepts athletes that are new to the program. If you're curious which team best suits your kiddo, don't hesitate to get in touch with Nordic program director Ben Morley - bmorley@jhskiclub.org, or check out our U.S Ski & Snowboard Phases of Development applied to each JHSC Nordic Team as a guideline.