July Alpine Newsletter

Mt. Hood Summer Camps

The Alpine Program's summer training at Mt. Hood Camps is about to get under way beginning July 2. We have four 1-week long sessions, starting with the younger athletes, and we end with a 2-week long U16 & FIS-focused camp! The resort had an incredibly snowy spring into the beginning of summer, so training conditions will be perfect when we arrive in July! Summer skiing is a great way to work on technical & tactical fundamentals without the pressure of in-season races approaching. Mt. Hood in the summer is a pretty amazing place; besides the skiing, there are endless adventures and activities to do in the area! It's fun not only for the athletes in camp but for parents, too. We look forward to another productive and super fun camp! 


Fall Austria Camp

From October 8-24, we will travel for a 2nd year to Hintertux, Austria, for 2 weeks of SL & GS training. We will explore nearby Innsbruck and also go watch the Solden World Cup Race. Hintertux offers an amazing venue for fall training, and it's a great opportunity for our U16 and up student-athletes to experience a completely different culture! We are excited to offer this level of fall training to our athletes! 

Registration is currently open! 


Summer Dryland Training

The off-season is the time to get your body and mind ready for the ski season ahead! It is incredibly important to work on your physical strength, agility, cardio, balance, and mind in the summer/fall months. We are currently offering dryland workouts on Monday–Friday mornings at the club and will continue until individual programs start up in the fall!  


Upcoming Events

July 2–7: Mt. Hood Camp (U10-U12)

July 4: 4th of July 10km run - Register HERE

July 9–14: Mt. Hood Camp (U10-U14)

July 16–21: Mt. Hood Camp (U14-FIS)

July 23–28: Mt. Hood Camp (U16-FIS)

September 10: Old Bill's Fun Run

September 24: Ski Ball

October 7–24: Austria Camp

October 14–15: Ski Swap



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