January 31st Grooming Report--A Bit of a Bluster!

January 31st Grooming Report

A Bit of a Bluster!

Things have calmed down a bit, but earlier this morning some of the most serious wind of the past few weeks was blasting down the canyon and creating some fantastic “savor the power of the weather” moments here in the fields.  Actually as of report time the half inch of new snow so far has pretty much stopped blowing around, so don’t let the picture above scare you off from a great ski today.

Monday has come again and we’re off and running with another busy week.  Many of our IMD racers will be off to Casper for a Wyoming High School race this weekend after successfully racing in West Yellowstone over the last weekend.  The event website somehow is not showing results today, but if you go to this myraceresult page you will see that our skiers had a fantastic weekend with many podium finishes.  With the final qualifier of the season here at Trail Creek in less than two weeks, it looks like many of our skiers will be off to nationals in Minneapolis this year.

Today’s grooming began in the woods where the winds have been relatively calm and covered pretty much every trail.  While single Husky passes were the rule, Moose Loop, Homesite, and Suicide did receive full width multiple passes with fresh classic tracks.  The fields were groomed towards the end of the morning, skating should be fine although some of the classic tracks might have drifted in.  The grooming department was fortunate to have the assistance of the one of the Turpin Meadow groomers today in a get together and improve our grooming session, thanks to Elee for riding along.


Groomer’s choice for today is Homesite.