February 8th Grooming Report--Herds of Skiers!

February 8th Grooming Report

Herds of Skiers!

Yes we have a small herd of moose and a small herd of elk running the trails at Trail Creek, but their numbers dwarf in comparison to the human population when all the programs are up and running.  Yesterday was one of those days and thanks so much to Coaches Kathy and Libby for sending in some great images.

Speaking of masses of skiers, Head Coach Will reports that registration for this weekend’s Junior National Qualifier is already well over 400 which will probably make this if not the biggest, one of the biggest races ever hosted at Trail Creek.  While we have plenty of room for lots of spectators, we would like to remind people that the traffic situation on the Old Pass Road will surely be chaotic, and ask them to utilize the shuttles running from Stilson if at all possible on Friday and Saturday.

Today at Trail Creek things are still somewhat normal.  The Husky was out and about today, hitting almost every trail.  The woods trails received a single pass with the primary focus being a best line skate pass where possible.  Some classic tracks were reset in the narrower sections although that tends to result in short breaks in the classic track here and there.  The field trails were extensively reworked and all trails continue to ski nicely.

Looking ahead, Wednesday’s grooming will be somewhat normal with extra emphasis on the race courses, Thursday the fields will be open for course Inspection at 10 AM.  If all goes according to plan, hopefully a Husky pass through the woods will be possible.  Grooming for the races on Friday and Saturday will occupy most of the grooming department’s attention.  By sometime Sunday morning, everything will most probably be back to normal.  Thanks to all for supporting us in putting on the upcoming amazing race!

Groomer’s choice for today is Homesite.