February 7th Grooming Report--Race Week!

February 7th Grooming Report

Race Week!

It’s going to be very busy at Trail Creek this week with the first half of the week having the complete JHSC winter practice schedule then transitioning to course inspection Thursday and then full on racing as the third Intermountain Division Junior Nordic Qualifier comes to Trail Creek this Friday and Saturday.  Course inspection begins at 10 AM on Thursday with racing for the Bank of Jackson Hole Johnny Curtis Memorial Race beginning at 9 AM on Friday and Saturday.

This race concludes with determinations of which regional athletes will get to compete in the Junior Nationals in Minneapolis in a few weeks.  It should be a great and exciting week at Trail Creek.

Today’s Husky grooming covered pretty much every trail in the network.  Most woods trails received a single pass with most of the classic tracks being reset in that pass.  The fields received major reworking with all of the race course sections being worked as well.  All in all skiing continues to be very nice on our hard working snow.

Three bulls were seen ambling about the close field today, probably scoping out the best spots to view the upcoming races.  If you look closely you will notice that the small lead bull is a little short on fur, probably the result of ticks, but he still seemed to be doing pretty well.

Groomer’s choice for today is the dappled sunshine on the Black Hole section.