February 2nd Grooming Report--Tracks, Tracks, and More Tracks!

February 2nd Grooming Report

Tracks, Tracks, and More Tracks!

If you make it out to Trail Creek today you’re going to find lots of classic tracks in the field and stadium.  In preparation for the Junior National Qualifier on February 11th and 12th, the coaches are doing a test run of the 1.3k sprint classic race.  While a bit of refinement still needs to happen before race day, the vision is beginning to appear if you want to check it out.

Coach Kathy and the Wilson Winter Sports program as well as all the other programs were making lots of tracks yesterday as well.  However the Husky has been hard at it this morning, buffing out those tracks on almost every trail.  In the woods today the main focus was skate passes to groom in the recent snow on the wider trails.  A few classic tracks were reset on the narrower sections; all in all conditions are nice.  The close field is skiable if a bit whacky with the classic sprint course occupying much of it.  The East Fields received lots of grooming with many classic tracks being reset.

Finally speaking of tracks, an unusual sighting happened on Outward Bound today.  As grooming was in progress, heading out on Outward Bound, a glimpse of a canid that was not coyote color was momentarily spotted.  A few seconds later an elk was momentarily seen to be attacking what looked like a large coyote before both disappeared into the woods.  The encounter was very brief and no wolf tracks were visible, but if you’re adventurous you might want to check it out.

Groomer’s choice for today is to make some Nordic tracks of your own.

PS Happy Groundhog Day!