February 23rd Grooming Report--Snowy Cabin Edition!

February 23rd Grooming Report

Snowy Cabin Edition!

It could be better, it could be worse…  While the snow has seemed pretty sparse of late, looking at the images from the past years shows that according to the roof of the snowy cabin on Homesite, the December snows did give us a respectable base this year.  Scientific analysis by the grooming department would put 2022 at the top of the bottom half of the past 11 years.  Plenty of snow for some great skiing!

Top two years.

Top half of the remaining years.

Lowest snow years.

As for today, the Husky was once called to duty.  In the woods about 30% of the trails received fresh classic tracks with the remainder mostly being pretty nice.  Multiple passes were made on Outward and Homeward Bound and Black Hole.  The fields received mostly skate grooming today with some touch up of classic tracks in the close field.  An early morning skier was having fun but reported that the cold temps were making the snow a bit slow.

Speaking of cold temps, one of our regulars, while skiing the new loop off of Armin’s, where quite often cold air tends to pool, suggested the name Cryoloops.  Sounds rather fitting, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Groomer’s choice for today is to check out the snowy cabin on Homesite.