February 22nd Grooming Report--Olympic Experience!

February 22nd Grooming Report

Olympic Experience!

A big thanks to Coach Libby for sending in some images of a recent Teewinot practice session where actual Olympians came out to ski with them to create what must have been amazing day of skiing for the young skiers. 

Coach Libby reported from last Wednesday’s Nordic Olympics, “We were lucky to have Pete Karns, Martin Hagen & Erich Wilbrecht [all former Olympians] join us for a fun afternoon of “Olympic” games, including bocce ball curling, 3 legged ski races, kick sled races and 2 person bobsled. The kids were excited and also very respectful, and I think it’s safe to say that Pete, Martin & Erich had fun too. It was certainly a magical sharing of the love and fun of Nordic skiing. Pete’s grandson Christopher Karns is on the Teewinot Team, and he was especially proud to have his grandfather join.

After the “events” concluded, we stayed warm with a lap up to the Sky Stadium and down Gut Flop. The kids had a great time learning more about the Olympics, Biathlon and the "old days" of Trail Creek + the old Biathlon range. The kids were all awarded some crazy USA shades and gold medals. A fun day for sure, and hopefully a tradition to continue in future seasons.

What an amazing opportunity, keep up the good work coaches!

If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity to ski today, Trail Creek is calling.  Overnight a short inch of snow has blanketed the area, allowing the Husky to once again create some great skiing conditions.  We had a report yesterday from a skier involved with TUNA in Utah (think Soldier Hollow and JN Qualifiers) that conditions were magical and that most surely continues today.

In the woods, Woolsey Woods, Moose Loop, Homesite, and Suicide got multiple passes with fresh classic tracks while almost every other trail received a single pass, mostly with a fresh classic track.  The field trails mostly received multiple passes with fresh double classic tracks.  The Nordic X continues to evolve with each passing day's grooming and also with the deposition of any new snow via snow fall or drifting.

Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods.