February 21st Grooming Report-Snowy Cabin Edition!

February 21st Grooming Report

Snowy Cabin Edition!

We’re once again into the latter half of February and the snow has gotten deep this winter.  With not a lot of snow in the short term forecast and warm temperatures surely just around the corner it’s time to see how we are faring this winter.

 While we aren’t breaking any records this winter like 2019 or 2017, there is still a lot of snow on the roof of the cabin near the Homesite Trail, arguably probably third place since 2012.  Check out the images below in a more or less heavy to light arrangement.

 Today’s grooming was Pisten Bully best line grooming of nearly every trails with classic tracks being reset in the close field and on several sections in the woods where needed.  Conditions as of 11 AM are sunny and calm with a rapidly warming temperature of -16ºC/3ºF.  Trails have seen a lot of use since the last snowfall, but thanks to the cold temps are still skiing quite nicely.

 Groomer’s choice for today is to ski up Homesite and check out the snowy cabin.