February 19th Grooming Report--Quiet Saturday!

February 19th Grooming Report

Quiet Saturday!

With races to the southeast and races to the northwest, it’s been quite tranquil today at Trail Creek.  The Pinedale Stampede and the Alta Vista Freestyle Race are both great community races and hopefully attendees are having a grand time.  The Alta Vista race is a one day event while the Pinedale Stampede continues tomorrow.

Something else that is supposed to happen tomorrow which hasn’t happened for some time is that we are forecast to get some significant snowfall.  Looking at the hourly totals, the current model calls for almost 6 inches by Wednesday which will be a welcome addition to our trails.

If you weren’t able to make it to it to Pinedale or Alta today, there’s still plenty of time to come out to Trail Creek for a great ski.  Conditions are nearly perfect today with temps in the high 20’s, calm winds, and lots of strengthening sunshine.  Our faithful Husky was out making passes on nearly every trail today.  The focus in the woods was to touch up and widen skate lanes, only resetting classic tracks in the narrower sections while the fields received multiple passes with one or two fresh classic tracks.

Finally on a side note, the Prinoth snow cat (Our Husky is manufactured by Prinoth) pictured above is not from Trail Creek, but from the Olympics in China.  It is reassuring to know that even the Chinese trust the worthiness of Prinoth groomers.  The image was a screen shot from a rather fascinating video about the challenges of making snow for the Olympics.

Groomer’s choice for today is the sunny fields.