February 13th Grooming Report--Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks!

February 13th Grooming Report

Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks!

Thanks to the athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers, JHCS supporters, and any of our skiers who might have had to change their schedule for pulling together and allowing us to host a record breaking junior national qualifier!  Not only did we have more participants than any race in our history, we are sending a record number of JHSC athletes to Junior Nationals in Minneapolis March 6-12.  Thank you so much!

The talented athletes that have earned a berth at this venerable event include: Sydney Wilmot, Kate Brigham, Natalie O’Brien, Elsie Hall, Will Johnson, Peter Warner, Mason Wheeler, Bridger Stiles, Lena Poduska, Jacob Collins, Nate Streubel, Lucas Wilmot and Colton Petsch, way to go skiers!  All the racing results are available at Summit Timing and the interesting and complicated spread sheet showing the season’s scoring is available at this IMD Nordic page.

In 24 hours Trail Creek has gone from a bustling hive of activity, back to its normal peaceful state.  The banners, tents, fences, and all other racing paraphernalia have all been put away so that you’d never even know an enormous race had just transpired.  The Husky has also been hard at work, grooming over all the evidence of the previous days.

Today’s grooming actually began last night with a single pass through pretty much every trail in the woods.  On that pass a fresh classic track was set in almost all locations as well.  Grooming continued this morning with multiple passes through the fields on the normal trails with fresh classic tracks and skate lanes everywhere.  The snow is a bit tired, but groomed up nicely.  It does look like we’ll get a little snow this week with about 2 inches forecast to begin Tuesday night.

Groomer’s choice for today is laps in the sunny fields.