December 8th Grooming Report Weather Rollercoaster!

December 8th Grooming Report

Weather Rollercoaster!

The chart above is from the weather station closest to Trail Creek (Phillips Bench) and shows how the snow on the ground compares to historic averages.  We peaked at around 170% of normal on November 16th, crossed into the below normal range on December 3rd, and as of today are sitting at 89% of normal.  Kind of a not so good picture for a ski town, however it looks like change is on the horizon!

Beginning Thursday chances of snow return to the valley, in fact the National Weather Service forecast shows snow chances continuing through the end of the forecast period.

The above map shows forecast accumulated precipitation for the next 7 days being in the half inch range which equates to more than enough snow to make Nordic skiing really nice.

Moving on, the 6-10 and 8-14 day forecasts call for above normal precipitation.  It really looks like our weather rollercoaster is about to change course.  This report is also a list of some of a Nordic groomer’s favorite websites.

Today’s grooming was a mixture of Ginzu and Pisten Bully grooming.  Once again the cool temps have been preserving our hard working snow.  Classic tracks were mostly untouched today but remain skiable in many locations.  Skiing in general will be pretty nice for the thin base conditions that we have.

Old number 20 and her calf have been really enjoying their time in the close field lately.  Even though she is very quiet and seems to be an old hand around skiers, keep your distance.

Groomer’s choice for today is the close field.