Cascade Crest

Will and I had a fantastic weekend in Bend, the level of our athletes' racing and skiing exceeded our expectations.  The long drive did nothing to deter our athletes from staying focused and turning in top notch performances.  David King had the fastest 12.5km split overall, skiing to a blazing time of 36:07, with Jack Love hot on his heels at 36:12.  Birch Klomparens was the fastest Jackson girl, posting a time of 41:35 and teammate Brent Offut rounded out the team with a time of 39:36.  Their Mixed Relay was the second fastest team of the day with a combined time of 2:33:30 for 50km.  The JHSC Women's Team posted an overall time of 3:03:07 with Chloe Stines skiing 12.5km in 43:00, Nikita Muromcew right behind at 43:15, closely followed by Sara White at 48:12 and Dori Sinclair at 48:40.  All the kids were excited with their performances, with many saying it was one of their best races this year.  The Pacific Northwesters were impressed by our athletes; the resounding comment was that our kids were amazing skiers!  Our kids demonstrated their technical skills and training on a course that featured fast downhills, steady climbs and many slow-moving human obstacles.  We rounded out fun filled weekend with a trip to the Goodwill for costumes and an evening of disco bowling with the Sun Valley team.  The kids made new friends, strengthened existing friendships, learned that they could not only complete a 12.5km but could race it with speed, and endured a 22 hour van ride with cheer and health.  We hope that this trip becomes a tradition for future athletes!  Many thanks for all your support this season!


Tamsen and Will

Coach Tamsen. Jack Love. David King

Birch Klomparens. Nikita Muromcew

Sara White. Dori Sinclair