Backcountry January Newsletter

December has been a great month for the backcountry programs here at JHSC. Things are really getting up and rolling. We had our first touring day of the season, Dynafit gear is rolling in for the Mini Mountaineers team, and the Freeride team had a nice full day session of avalanche education.

The first touring day of the season was a huge success.  Athletes had to power through, and stay committed as we climbed up Mavericks in GTNP.  Added challenges this tour included: a winter storm warning, deep snow (up to their chest for some), and breaking in new gear.  We are super proud of the team. Everyone arrived with all of their gear, ready to roll, and gave it their all.  The five returning athletes really helped the new members of the team, who most had never been touring in the park.  

In other news, Dynafit gear is starting to roll in for the Mini Mountaineers program.  This 6 week long program launches in February and is open to younger athletes ages 10-12.  Athletes have the option to rent complete Dynafit touring set-ups from JHSC.  Its awesome to have this program more accessible without the hurdle of purchasing gear for growing kids. This new program is full this season, and we plan to keep offering this in years to come.   

Back at Snow King the backcountry team has been continuing their Thursday sessions.  Last week, athletes were able to make it to the Snow King summit in 50 minutes. That is pretty fast, and a new record for the team!  We have been tapping into the beacon training park at the top of the mountain, and working on various other rescue skills at the base area.  We are super excited for more touring days in the park, our upcoming Avalanche Levle 1 with AAI, and hopefully some sunny weather to tag some summits.  But for now plenty of powder skiing!