Backcountry April Newsletter

Season is a wrap and we are looking forward to more next year!

What a difference a season of ski touring in the Tetons makes.  Hiking up mountains with ski equipment 4000' vertical and more will get anyone into shape and every athlete in the program this year was no exception.  We got to tick off some awesome summits over the last couple of weeks.  A highlight was Peak 10696 in GTNP.  It sits just shy of 11,000' and the day we had up there couldnt have been better as we were able to lounge at the summit for nearly an hour, basking in the sunshine.  This in fact may have been our only full sun day in the park this season.  On a seperate day we also got to check off some couloirs on the north side of 25 Sort.  These were the upper and lower Y couloirs.  We had low avalanche danger which made these great entry levle steep lines for the team.

Mini Mountaineers also had their last day of the season, and their first day ever touring in GTNP.  They made great work of skiing Wimpies Meadows, and had tons of fun while doing it.... Just check out their photo!

Info for next year
People have already been asking about next year.  We plan to grow both the Mini Mountaineers, and the 4 month program allowing for more kids to sign up for each.  Preference will be given to those already in the program, and registration after that will be on first come first serve basis.  We will keep everyone posted with when sign ups will be.  There is talk of a dry land training program in late summer / early fall, we need to square away some details and will be in touch about this.  We are also excited about the possibility of doing a spring break 2022 trip to the European Alps, think France/ Italy region.  This will be open to 5 athletes, and we should have more info late summer / early Fall.  Please reach out with any questions and thank you for the great season!