August Nordic Newsletter

Prep/Comp Update

Prep and Comp team athletes are in the midst of the largest training period of the year with the goal of accomplishing between 30 and 55 hrs of training. This is the height of the team's base building period where long runs, long roller skis and more training days each week take precedence and enable the athletes to establish a foundation of fitness. This foundation is important because in the not so distant future (3-4 month) during the pre-competion phase, the team will be training on snow when the focus will shift to speed, technique, tactics, specific strength, and tactics. After a solid foundation of building up some basic strength in the last two strength periods, the team has transitioned into Period 3 Max Strength were the focus is high physical demands, high intensity/lower volume, heavy loading, higher mental energy demands and longer rest periods. The strength workout routine is continuing with a short warm up run, but starting to incorporate some basic yoga poses in the dynamic warm up routine. With the pandemic persisting, we're fortunate enough to be able to pull all of our strength training equipment outside and maintain a safe phyical distancing and effective routine. Aside from the physical side of training, each athlete is honing in on seasonal summer goals, learning the basics of keeping a training log, and practicing on approaching each week and workout with a mind-set that will eventually transfer over to race day.

Junior Team Update

 Junior dry-land training sessions are in session every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 4 p.m. A big shout out goes to the following athletes that have taken the next step in their training and who are gaining comfort in the process of stepping outside of their comfort zone as they simultaneously train with Prep and Comp team athletes. 

  • Colton Petsch
  • William Baxter
  • Piper Grohne
  • Sam Hutchinson
  • Charlie von-Maur Newcomb

Trail Creek Ranch Work

It goes without saying that the generosity of Trail Creek Ranch and Betty Woolsey’s will to keep the sport alive, well, and accessible is by and large why the JHSC Nordic program has been so successful. We are indebted to the ranch for providing a space and training venue with and incredible trail network. To show our appreciation the least we can do it help them with some summer ranch work as they prepare for the winter. Junior, Prep, Comp athletes and coaches took an opportunity to help the ranch and at the same time got some good ol' Wyoming strength training in while bucking hay bails.

Teton rollin'