Alpine September Update

We started with dryland in September and we have a great response. I would like to emphasize that conditioning in the Fall is very important to be able to perform well in the winter time and is also a great injury prevention, so let's have all athletes joining and using this opportunity. Please contact your coach for times. 


September 30th- Ski Ball @ JHMR

October 10th - Parent's Night @ Snow King - U19 and FIS

October 11th - Parent's Night @ Snow King - U14

October 12th - Parent's Night @ Snow King - U16

October 13th - Parent's Night @ Snow King - U12


November 4th-12th -  U14/U16/U19/FIS Colorado Camp

We are still working with the U14/U16/U19/FIS teams to put together a Colorado Camp this year. Please let your coaches know if you are interested in attending. Your coaches already know details regarding pricing, lodging, etc  

USSA License: Please renew your US Ski & Snowboard (formerly USSA) license for the season. You can do so @ 
Deadline to register is October 15th

Branko Zagar
Alpine & Race Director