Alpine Race Results: February 2022

From Teamwork and Sportsmanship to Competition, JHSC core values are the foundation of our student athletes' achievements!

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U16 Team

Laura Flood Memorial Cup (IMD U16 Qualifier SL and GS); Sun Valley, ID, February 25-27, 2022

Reagan Harrison had a 1st place finish in Slalom and a 2nd place finish in GS. For the men's GS, Noah Parazette (two 3rd place finishes), Kye Bessette (7th), and Mattias Wilson (two 15th place finishes) had solid outings. Noah Parazette was 6th in Slalom and Gus Clausen 23rd.

Reagan Harrison, 1st place Slalom

Noah Parazette, on the podium for one of his two 3rd place finishes!

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FIS Team

The FIS Team had a big week of travel and competition in mid February, with athletes working on different disciplines in Colorado and Idaho. Overall, the team has had a busy travel month and has several notable finishes to highlight. Congratulations to Atticus Sanders, who qualified for the U18 National Championships in Vail, CO, due to being one of the fastest first-year FIS athletes in the Western Region. Avery MacMillan nearly qualified as well, currently standing as the 3rd alternate. Grant Hagen has also had some great results, among them finishing 5th and 6th place at a the Development Race in Winter Park, CO.

Colorado Cup Devo Series, Winter Park, CO; February 13-18, 2022

Jack Childress and Grant Hagen traveled with Coach Mark Engel to Winter Park for a week of races and training, returning with strong finishes in a big field.

GS 1: Grant Hagen 5th, Jack Childress 27th

GS 2: Grant Hagen 6th

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Western Region Speed Series, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, ID; February 14-19, 2022

Sam Clausen, Avery MacMillan, Atticus Sanders, and Evalyn Wogoman traveled to Schweitzer with Coach Whitney Gardner to compete in the speed disciplines.

DH 1: Atticus 21st, Evalyn 38th, Sam 50th

DH 2: Atticus 6th, Evalyn 40th, Sam 50th

SG 1: Atticus 21st, Avery 32nd, Evalyn 33rd, Sam 48th

SG 2: Atticus 15th, Avery 40th, Evalyn 30th, Sam 48th

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Schweitzer Speed Series, Men's Downhill Podium: Atticus Sanders, 6th place

Grant Hagen, 4th- and 5th-place finishes in Slalom at the Big Sky Tech Race, January 2022


U10 and U12 Teams

Bank of Jackson Hole Club Series, Race #4 (SL); Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, February 26, 2022

The U10s and U12s had a great stubby race last weekend under perfect sunny skies and overwhelming JHSC presence from athletes and parents alike!


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We congratulate the following U12 athletes who have qualified for IMD Championships and will race in Sun Valley from Mar. 18-21:


Taryn Moe

Lily Overcast

Elle Brookes

Phoebe Faris

Natalie Montes Chavez

Eliza Krugh

Ida Lantier

Augusteen Lantier

Mia Grohne


Henry Schrauder

William Lynch

Anders Logan

Halston Twiggs


U16 and FIS Teams

Sean Nurse Memorial Race, Snow King Mountain; February 12-15, 2022

The Sean Nurse were great races for our U16 Team, not just because we had someone on the podium every day but because the athletes made huge improvements! In the SL race on Saturday, Nico Tozzi finished 26th after moving up 47 spots, Joey McNamara finished 22nd moving up 31 spots, Oliver Strand finished 23rd moving up 20 spots, and Wolfi Gensch moved up 31 spots. For the women, Kylie MacMillan finished 13th, moving 23 spots, Madeline Ryan finished 17th moving 22 spots, Ceci Bruno finished 28th moving 25 spots, Callie Owens finished 24th, and Annie Moll finished 31st. Kylie did an awesome job on the hill, and she also did a great job cleaning the U16/FIS locker room after a long 4 days of races: Well done, Kylie! 

This was an exhausting but fun week for all!

Notable on the podium, Reagan Harrison had first place finishes in both Slalom and GS, and Noah Parazette had a second place finish in Slalom and a fourth in GS.

Reagan Harrison tops the podium (in SL and GS this weekend!)

Noah Parazette, 4th place GS

Several FIS U19 athletes also participated in the Sean Nurse: Avery MacMillan had a 2nd place finish in the U18+ Women’s Slalom, and Nico McGee came in 7th in Men’s U18+ GS. 

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U14 Team 

IMD U14 Qualifier (SG) Snowbasin, UT; February 11-14, 2022 

The U14s had a great weekend of racing in the sun! Both men and women had three Super G races each, and JHSC had some solid results. 

Notable finishes include Jaden D’Amours (a 1st, and two 2nd place finishes), Cash Warren (6th place), and Teddy Peightal (7th place). For the women, Taylor Moe (three 1st place finishes!!) and Dylan Witherite (8th and 12th) had solid outings. 

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U12 and U10 Teams

North Series Monroe Cup Slalom, Rotarun Ski Area, ID; Feb. 5-6, 2022

U10 and U12 athletes and families had a great weekend in Hailey! All of the athletes had a lot of fun racing, cheering each other on for 2 Men’s and 2 Women’s Slalom races. We were excited to have so many Club family members there rooting for us, joining us for snacks and lunch between races, and watching the awards ceremony. We all spent a really nice weekend together. Taryn Moe had an outstanding day, placing first in both Slalom races! 

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Alpine U16

IMD U16 Qualifier, 2SL/1GS, Snowbird, UT; January 28-30, 2022

The U16 team had a great showing at Snowbird! Reagan Harrison had an outstanding outing, finishing 1st in the Women's GS and 2nd in the Women’s Slalom. Mattias Wilson came in 3rd in the Men's GS, and Noah Parazette had a 2nd-place finish in Men’s Slalom. Many team members made improvements from their previous GS results, and the team is excited for the next Qualifier in Sun Valley February 25-27th.

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Reagan Harrison, 1st place Women's GS

Mattias Wilson, 3rd place Men's GS

Noah Parazette, 2nd place Men's Slalom