Alpine November Newsletter


We had a great week of cold temperatures at the end of October and we were able to make quite some snow. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to groom out and start training.
Forecast for next week doesn't look to promising, but we are still hoping that we can open before Thanksgiving week.
Please check weekly emails from coaches for updates.

Colorado Camp: 

We have 40 athletes (FIS, U16 and U14) and 7 coaches in Colorado skiing from Nov 8th to 17th. Athletes are free skiing, doing drills and skiing GS and SL courses at Loveland and Copper. This is very important camp to make sure athletes are ready for the start of the season.
FIS: Seppi&Mike, Sophia Tozzi, Paige Doyle, Morgan Kilmain, Carey Ritter, Camille Jackson, Grant Hagen, Oliver Parazette, Lucas Stock
U16: Ned&Kristin, Jordyn Kantor, Evalyn Wogoman, Maylia Lohman, Cam Prichard, Eddie Owens, Owen Jenssen, Atticus Sanders, Sam Clausen, Nice McGee, Travis D'Amors
U14: Kevin&Ashley&Jamie, Madison Kramer, Brynn Crabtree, Juliana Gutiarres, Tegan Ritter, Annie Moll, Lucy Wirth, Harriette Sullivan, Ella Stainberg, Kylie MacMillan, Callie Owens, Bradford King, Oliver Sanders, Noah Parazette, Gus Clausen, Mattias Wilson, Lucas Milligan, Nate Pruzane, Henry Gillete, Kye Bassette, Mason Lynch

Getting ready to leave for Colorado

U14's at Loveland Ski Resort

U16's at Loveland Ski Resort

FIS and U16's at afternoon dryland in Colorado

U14's with River Radamus


We have over 100 athletes from U10, U12, U14, U16 and FIS teams coming to dryland. Athletes are having fun and they are working on physical conditioning, coordination, balance, etc. We will continue with conditioning until Snow King opens for training. 

Registration for U10, 2 Day and NGS is still open:


For volunteering opportunities go to:

Gate judge: 

For Alpine racing Gate judge is the most needed volunteer position. Please look at this video for duties of Gate Judge:

Alpine Volunteer opportunities: 

- We will need volunteers for all Alpine events organized by JHSC: 
      - 12/14-18 Western Region FIS Open Tech Series (3 days of SL and 2 Days of GS for 16 years and older - both genders) / Snow King
      - 12/20-23 USSA Sean Nurse Memorial (2 days of SL and 2 Days of GS for 13 years and older - both genders) / Snow King
      - 1/4 Club Series - Caroline Classic (Local GS race for U14 and younger athletes) / Snow King
      - 1/10-12 Wes Barron Speed Series ( 3 days of SG for 13 years and older - both genders) / JHMR    
      - 1/18-20 IMD U14 Qualifier (2 days of SL and 1 day of GS for U14 athetes - both genders) / Snow King
      - 3/22 Club Series - Parent/Athlete Dual SL (Local race for U14 and younger athletes) / Snow King
      - 3/13-15 Jackson Downhill (3 days of local DH racing) - JHMR
      - 3/17-22 WR Junior Champs (2 days of SG, 2 days of GS and 2 days of SL for 16 years and older - both genders) / JHMR


Important Alpine program email addresses: 

Alpine Program Director - Branko Zagar @
FIS - Seppi Stiegler @ 
U16 - Ned Lazarevic @
U14 - Kevin Keane @
U12 - Gordon Chapdelaine @
U10 - Al Clausen @
2Day - Lou Lou Goss Woliner @
NGS - Tobi Koekkoek @

Swix November Newsletter: 

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