Alpine May Newsletter

U16 team

2019 Alpine Program End Of The Year Awards

Best Skier Award:

Male FIS Team Skier Of The Year: Holden Parazette

Male U16 Team Skier Of The Year: Grant Hagen
Female U16 Team Skier Of The Year: Sophia Tozzi

Male U14 Team Skier Of The Year: Cam Prichard
Female U14 Team Skier Of The Year: Avery MacMillan

Male U12 Team Skier Of The Year: Liam Logan
Female U12 Team Skier Of The Year: Taylor Moe

Male U10 Team Skier Of The Year: Charlie Ryan
Female U10 Team Skier Of The Year: Taryn Moe

Male 2DRT Team Skier Of The Year: Emelyen Baev
Female 2DRT Team Skier Of The Year: Gwen Georgiades

Sportsmanship Award: 

Male U16 Sportsmanship Award: Charles Hoelscher
Female U16 Sportsmanship Award: Maylia Lohman

Male U14 Sportsmanship Award: Buck Milligan
Female U14 Sportsmanship Award: Tegan Ritter

Male U12 Sportsmanship Award: Oliver Sanders
Female U12 Sportsmanship Award: Shilah Thompson

Male U10 Sportsmanship Award: Finley Peightal
Female U10 Sportsmanship Award: Norris Brooks

Male 2DRT Sportsmanship Award: Hayden Robinson
Female 2DRT Sportsmanship Award: Luisa Saltillo Mejia

Most Improved Award: 

Male U16 Most Improved Award: Eddie Owens
Female U16 Most Improved Award: Evalyn Wogoman

Male U14 Most Improved Award: Mason Lynch
Female U14 Most Improved Award: Jordyn Kantor

Male U12 Most Improved Award: Owen Beninga
Female U12 Most Improved Award: Karoline Montes

Male U10 Most Improved Award: William Freymann
Female U10 Most Improved Award: Addison Binstadt

Male 2DRT Most Improved Award: Joshua Khusainov
Female 2DRT Most Improved Award: Julia Krugh


Mt. Hood Summer Camps

This summer we are organizing three camps in Mt. Hood.
Dates are: 

Camp 1: June 29 until July 4 (U10, U12, U14)
Camp 2: July 6 until July 11 (U10, U12, U14, U16, FIS)
Camp 3: July 13 until July 18 (U14, U16, FIS)

Cost: $1,650 
Deposit: $500

You can register here:

We already have over 20 athletes from U10 to FIS committed to these camps, but there are still spots available to sign up.
We will work on drills, technic, balance, coordination, gates, physical preparedness, etc. 

Summer Dryland

This year we are again offering year round dryland in the summer and fall for U16 and FIS athletes. This is great opportunity for athletes to prepare them self for ski season.
Please communicate with Seppi Stiegler regarding dryland:
U14's will start with dryland in September and U10's and 12's will start in October. 

Alpine program athletes during physical testing on May 6th 2019

Farewell to two stellar FIS athletes

As we transition to new season, we would like to recognize athletes that left a big mark with Alpine program and are moving on in their careers. 
After years of commitment and hard work with JHSC, FIS athletes Holden Parazette and Henry Hakoshima are transferring to College skiing. Both will ski for NCAA Div1 schools, Holden for Middlebury College and Henry for Colorado Mountain College. 
Thank you and good luck!!!

Volunteer help

We would like to thank you all volunteers that helped this year with events. We couldn't do without you.

Quote of the month: